Ideal Projects

What could you use Handoff for? Here are a few ideal projects.

Consistency across Multiple Properties

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Coordinating brand adherence between native, mobile, and web
  • Supporting multiple design and dev teams

Handoff provides a common interface and token set to get different teams on the same page. It streamlines the work of managing multiple properties or applications by publishing a common development reference guide and a consistent token schema.

Developers can pull a single token schema across all the properties. When the Figma file changes, developers can pull the latest tokens, install them on the web properties, and have confidence that the token scheme will ensure consistency. The live preview can be customized with HTML markup, easing the
effort to build components with the same structure everywhere.

QA Users can use Handoff to audit design changes against the published properties, being able to reference specific styles and test live web previews.

Working With Many Brands

  • Agencies with multiple clients
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Coordination internally and externally

Handoff builds easy tooling for producing design systems and maintaining those design systems as projects change. Because it's fairly easy to boot a Figma template and then transform it into a static web property, you can easily stand up a design system for each new project or brand.

Internal and external developers can reference the tokens and UI to ensure a common frontend structure and patterns.

Because the generated output is delivered as static HTML and CSS, the produced output can be hosted cheaply and securely for the long term. Even without the source Figma file or pipeline, the rendered site and tokens can be used as a reference as the project moves out of development and into maintenance.