Handoff has one technical dependency. The published application can be run on any static web host.

All you need to start, run, and build Handoff is Node 16+ and NPM 8+.

Handoff uses the published libraries feature in Figma. To publish a library, you must have a paid Figma account. Once the library is published, free Figma accounts with access to the file can be used to fetch the data.

  • Node 16+ (with NPM 8+)
  • A paid Figma account to publish the library

Out of the box, Handoff has native support for Bootstrap in the previews, and map files to connect the design tokens to a Bootstrap 5 site or application. If you use something other than Bootstrap, you'll have to add those tokens.

Everything else is up to you. Handoff can be hosted on any HTML web service (GitHub pages, Cloudflare pages, s3/CloudFront, NGINX, etc.)

We recommend using git to commit the design system to a repo. We use the AWS CLI tool as part of the sample CI/CD for distribution in the demo code.