Handoff Documentation

This is the starting point for your quest to build an automated, robust, scalable design operation. Everything you need to get started, customize your pipeline, and integrate with your existing infrastructure can be found here.

Popular Resources

What is Handoff?

An overview of Handoff, what it does, how it works, and how you might use it.

I want it now!

If you want to dive right in, boot it up and try it out, this is the place. This Quick Start Guide should get you up and running in 5 minutes.

What the heck is a design token?

Design tokens are a big leap forward in frontend development. Here we'll explain how they work, and how we get them from Figma.

Who needs this?

If you are trying to decide if this is a good fit, we have written up some of the use cases we've seen for Handoff here.

Dive Deep

Can I change that page?

Handoff is very customizable. You can customize content across your entire Handoff site, including menus, editing default content, and customizing pages.

How do I use tokens in my legacy project?

So, you've inherited a huge mess, and you want to see if you can use Handoff to get those three legacy web applications to match the modern brand...? We're here to help.

I need this to work in our infrastructure.

Handoff is designed to integrate into your existing DevOps practice. It will run on any server that can serve html and static resources, with no backend dependencies. This section will help you to integrate with your existing infrastructure.