Command Line Usage

The CLI will allow you to fetch all data from Figma, build the documentation app and run a local dev site. For these use the build, fetch, and serve commands documented below.

CLI Reference

Run the CLI

handoff-app --help

Commands and Flags

Usage: handoff-app

Commands: fetch [opts] - Fetches the design tokens from the design system

build - Using the current tokens, build various outputs build:app [opts] - Builds the design system static application build:integration [opts] - Builds current selected integration, styles and previews

start [opts] - Starts the design system in development mode

make make:exportable [opts] - Creates a new schema make:template [opts] - Creates a new template make:page [opts] - Creates a new page

eject - Ejects the default entire configuration to the current directory eject:config [opts] - Ejects the default configuration to the current directory eject:integration [opts] - Ejects the default integration to the current directory eject:exportables [opts] - Ejects the default exportables to the current directory eject:pages [opts] - Ejects the default pages to the current directory

Options: -c, --config [file] Define the path to the config file -d, --debug Show debug logs -h, --help Show this help message -v, --version Show the handoff version number