Quick Start

This Quick Start Guide will get you running Handoff in 5 minutes, locally on your computer.


  • A paid Figma account is required to publish the Figma file library
  • Node 16+
  • NPM 8+


  1. Open the Handoff Figma starter and duplicate this project to your account

  2. Publish Components to the library Publish the Library

  • Click on the Figma logo (top left)
  • Click on Libraries
  • Click on the current file
  • Click Publish Changes Publish the Library

You will need a developer token if you don't have one already.

  • Click on the Figma logo in the top left
  • Go to Help and Account
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Scroll to Personal Access Token
  • Input a token name and hit enter
  • Note that token for the next steps

On Your Computer

  • Run npm install --global handoff-app
  • Run handoff-app fetch
  • Provide your developer token and the file ID of your Figma file. The file ID can be found in the url of the file. - https://www.figma.com/file/{file_id}/{slug}
  • Start the local app handoff-app start.

This will fetch the latest from your Figma file and it will boot a demo site at http://localhost:3000

Test Fetch

  • Now, go back to your Figma file and change a Button color.
  • Republish the changes to the library. Click on the publish button from the main dropdown. You'll see a list of changes that have been made. Clicking publish will make those changes available to Handoff.
  • Back in your project, open a new terminal tab and type handoff-app fetch.

Once that runs, your browser should update with the new colors.

Further Reading