Release [0.1.0] - 2023-03-09

Release notes for [0.1.0] - 2023-03-09.

[0.4.0] - 2023-04-16

This release introduces two major new features - framework integrations and much better color support. The color support is straightforward - Handoff now supports much broader color options from Figma including gradients (linear and radial), as well as layered colors, alpha channels and blend modes.

Framework integrations is Handoff's new plugin architecture for integrating tokens with popular web and application frameworks. Previous versions of Handoff were tightly coupled with Boostrap 5.2 as a proof of concept.

To integrate tokens into applications, the tokens need to be mapped to the the files you'll need. In web applications, this means mapping css and sass variables to existing variables, or extending classes with the tokens.

When fetch is run, any files added to the integration folder will be merged with the selected integration. The sass files will be published to /exported/{integration}-tokens

Integrations also move the templates into integrations so each framework integration can define the markup for each component, type, and state. This allows handoff to include default markup for common frontend frameworks.

Frontend Integration Support

  • Creates integrations plugin architecture
  • Extracts Bootstrap 5.2 from the sass and templates into an integration template
  • Sets Bootstrap 5.2 as the default integration
  • Adds an integration configuration to allow projects to define which integration it will use
  • The exported/variables file was renamed to exported/tokens
  • A new directory is exported to exported/{integration}-tokens containing the maps and extended sass integration files.
  • The installer now creates a /integration folder that will be merged with the configured integration sass and templates.
  • A zip file called is exported to the public directory containing all of the exported artifacts - json, integration, sass, and css tokens

Configuration changes

  • integration is an object that contains two properties name and version. If you set to custom and version to null the project will expect a fully defined integration in the /integration dir.
  • figma is an object that allows customization of how components are fetched.
    • figma.components contains a list of the components
    • Each component can be defined. For example figma.components.button will define how buttons are fetched from figma.
    • The search property determines the library component and name of the frame to look in for the component. Setting to Unicorn will try to find a button structure in a library object called Unicorn.
    • The size property of each component will define a size map allowing projects to map figma sizes to token names.

New Color Support

  • Gradient Color Support Linear and Radial gradients are now imported from figma. The tokens JSON structure has changed to make it better support complex color objects.
    • hex, type, and rgb properties were dropped from the ColorObject
    • value contains the CSS set of color values, either as hex, rgb, rgba, or gradients
    • blend contains a set of blend modes as CSS values that map against the colors
  • Blend Modes and Color Layers Tokens are now exported for blend modes and color layers. Handoff can pull multiple layers out of the color styles, and will build the proper blend mode CSS for use in the project.

Upgrade Notes

  • Create a folder /integration in the root of the project to hold integration configuration.
  • Any template customizations should be moved into the /integration/templates directory.
  • Any sass customizations to the existing project structure should be be moved to /integration/sass and modified to match the new structure.

Other Features

  • Each component and foundation now has buttons for downloading the tokens for that component.
  • The dashboard now has a button for downloading all tokens as a zip file.

Security Update

  • Webpack was updated to 5.79.0 to address a security issue
  • node-sass was removed from the figma-exporter library since it is no longer needed by the system.