Release [0.1.0] - 2023-03-09

Release notes for [0.1.0] - 2023-03-09.

[0.4.2] - 2023-04-16

When 0.4.0 was released, we found a structural problem with the way integrations were published into projects. 0.4.1 resolved a couple of issues, but a couple of significant new pieces of code were required to fully resolve the issue.

The resolution is fixing paths so that they work properly when running the handoff source as well as running handoff in a project.


  • Build and Start scripts were restructured to handle sparsely merging sass and templates into the source directory.
  • The integration transformer was restructured to support correct path
  • The webpack config has been altered to support paths in projects
  • The bootstrap templates were updated to use this updated path structure


  • The figma exporter built library built code is now published to the repo to make it easier to test pre release code
  • A default config is now part of the project so that projects that can inherit a config rather than having to keep their config up to date.
  • The installer now has the proper script paths in the package